Football: Police in clamp down for Old Firm clash

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STRATHCLYDE POLICE'S most senior officer, the Chief Constable, John Orr, visited Hampden Park yesterday to inspect security preparations for the Old Firm Scottish Cup final - the stadium's first official match since its pounds 63m refurbishment. The potentially explosive meeting on Saturday comes soon after the teams played out a trouble-torn game in which Rangers won the Scottish Premier League.

Major plans have been drawn up over the past six months between police chiefs, the National Stadium and Scottish Football Association security officials in preparation for the first official match at the new 52,000- capacity stadium.

A dedicated police team was set up in March to co-ordinate security matters and traffic arrangements, and a new 58-camera closed-circuit TV system will monitor the crowd both inside and outside the stadium.

"Whilst my officers have no intention of spoiling any sporting event they will not tolerate the disorder and sporadic violence which was exhibited by a minority of `so-called' fans three weeks ago," Orr said. "Those who attempt to ruin a prestigious and enjoyable event for thousands of other supporters have been warned.

"Millions of people will be watching this match on the television so the Cup final should be a model showcase climax to what has been a very exciting football season."