Football: Quotes Of The Day

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"We could have scored three or four goals. We could have taken them to the cleaners. We didn't get too stretched as a side and looked fit and strong at the end." Glenn Hoddle, England coach, after his side's 2-0 win over Tunisia

"The match was even. It was a real battle but the English were more effective. The key to England's win was their midfield who controlled the ball better than we did." Tunisia's coach, Henryk Kasperczak

"It's a funny old game sometimes. All credit to the Iran lads. They gave it 110 per cent." Yugoslavia's former Aston Villa striker Savo Milosevic, after his side's 1-0 win over Iran on Sunday, showing that he learned `football speak' in England

"If we are going to die, then we will die standing. We will fight to the last." Iranian coach, Jalal Talebi, warming up for Iran against the United States...