Football: Quotes of the Week

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There's still more to come from this team. They have yet to reach their peak.

Alex Ferguson, Man Utd manager, after his side's victory over Juventus.

As arrogant as Ferguson is, his team are splendid and divine in equal measure.

`Tuttosport', Italian paper, after United's victory.

Zidane doesn't like Turin? He misses the sea? He'd prefer Barcelona or Marseilles? He can go where he likes, so long as he goes. He doesn't deserve to stay.

`Tuttosport', on the Juventus midfielder.

I have even taken drugs in the dressing-room 20 minutes before a match. I started the match on speed and ended it on crutches.

Martin Neil, of Berwick, on his drug problem.

I will be a bitter man if I don't win this year.

Jimmy White, before his first-round defeat at the World Snooker Championships to Alan McManus.

This is not Armageddon. It happened. If all kids grew up to be like Scottie, the world would be a better place.

Charles Barkley, of the NBA's Houston Astros, on the outcry after team- mate Pippen was arrested for drunk driving.