Football: Rovers captain under attack

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ROY HODGSON has broken his silence over his departure from Blackburn Rovers, claiming that the club's captain, Tim Sherwood, undermined his position as manager and helped to get him the sack.

Hodgson spoke out last night, attacking Sherwood, who has been critical of his managerial style since he was replaced by Brian Kidd. Now Hodgson has blamed Sherwood for the problems at Blackburn that led to his dismissal.

"The major factor was Sherwood's discontent at not being given permission to go to Tottenham," Hodgson said. "Up to that Tim had done a very good job in captaining the team and was also very supportive.

"However, he became very disenchanted with the club and everything around the place when the proposed move fell through. He spread a lot to the other players who didn't have the strength of character or personality or experience to stand up against him."

Hodgson admitted in an interview on Sky Sports news that he had mixed feelings about their success since his departure. When asked if he was pleased when Kidd's team win, Hodgson said: "I'd like to say yes but that might be a dishonest answer. They are still the players I brought to the club."