Football: Scots win free tickets

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Scottish fans have been given a financial bonus for their re-arranged World Cup tie with Estonia. Those supporters who were in Tallinn on 9 October for the fixture that never was - the match which lasted three seconds - will be given free entry when the game is played in Monaco on 11 February.

However, those fans are unlikely to be celebrating too much. Ticket prices have been set at just pounds 3.30 and pounds 6.60 and the fans will have to make their own way to the south of France. It is, however, a small victory for the Scottish Football Association. Its chief executive, Jim Farry, said: "Fifa have listened to very strong representation from the SFA and we have managed to agree free entry for those supporters who were in Tallinn and who now wish to go to Monaco for the match.

"Not only will SFA Travel Club members who wish to attend the match receive complimentary tickets, but we've managed to maintain a moderate pricing structure for tickets which will be allocated only via the travel club and the SFA. It is fair to say we exercised a strong will to ensure a correct response was obtained from our friends in Estonia and Fifa. We would like to think those strong representations were heeded by the powers that be."