Football: That was the weekend that was: SEEN AND HEARD

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RADIO FIVE LIVE'S SIX-O-SIX: Caller: "I remember the days of... err, what was his name? You know, the fellow that brought in Cloughie. Used to be my neighbour. A postmaster. What was his name now?"

Host David Mellor: "That was the past, though. We've got to talk about the future and there is a different man at the helm now Nigel Wray has gone back to looking after Saracens. They have a new chap as chairman, a Nottingham man."

Caller: "Who's that then? Not Fred Reacher again?"

Mellor: "No, no, no. It's, err...I forget his name. But he's a Nottingham man."

(That'll be the late Stuart Dryden and new chairman Eric Barnes)