Football: The Complete Guide to France '98

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Germany 2 USA 0


Goal: Moller 8, Klinsmann 64

Yellow cards: 3 (Jeremies, Hamann, Heinrich)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 6

Offside: 1

Free-kicks (against): 17

Coach: Berti Vogts

Goals: 0

Yellow cards: 2 (Hejduk, Pope)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 4

Offside: 4

Free-kicks (against): 12

Coach: Steve Sampson

Running commentary

3 min: Americans clog goal area but, significantly, Bierhoff gets in close header.

8 min: Klinsmann rises high from corner to head forward for Moller to head in without serious opposition.

14 min: Moller drives stinging low shot that Keller holds well to restore some confidence. 21 min: Moller and Kohler move through American midfield as if it does not exist.

24 min: Important clearing punch by Keller. 27 min: Bierhoff finds yards of space as ball comes over shoulder. Shoots close.

28 min: Yellow card Jeremies (foul on Jones).

29 min: American's first positive shot on goal, from Deering, ends safely in hands of Kopke.

36 min: Heinrich crosses low. Defenders miss ball - so does Klinsmann.

39 min: Four Americans forward. A rare occurence.

42 min: Germans queue up for centre that never comes, leaving US still in game - just.

49 min: Hassler injures leg - limps off.

50 min: Yellow card Hejduk (rash tackle after only just coming on).

52 min: Hejduk recompenses with brave header. Diving save from Kopke who needs to defend his line for second one.

59 min: Klinsmann finds some space in area to meet Kohler's centre. Hits wide from near post.

64 min: Master's touch by Klinsmann to chest down and hit net after pin- point long pass from Bierhoff on wing.

76 min: Yellow card Hamann (poorly timed tackle on Hejduk).

83 min: Yellow card Heinrich (foul on Jones).

85 min: Yellow card Pope (rustic tackle on Klinsmann).