Football: The Complete Guide to France 98

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Italy 3 Cameroon 0


Goal: Di Biagio 8, Vieri 75, 89

Yellow cards: 2 (Costacurta, Di Biagio)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 10

Offside: 11

Free-kicks (against): 24

Coach: Cesare Maldini

Goals: 0

Yellow cards: 4 (Wome, Njanka, Angibeaud, Song). Red cards: 1 (Kalla)

Corners: 7

Offside: 1

Free-kicks (against): 8

Coach: Claude Le Roy

Running commentary

3 min: Cameroon fortunate to escape when Albertini's searching pass almost offers Vieri opening.

6 min: Yellow card Wome (foul on Moriero).

7 min: Roberto Baggio's accurate centre decisively headed in by Di Biagio.

12 min: Italy cover first well organised Cameroon attack without sweat.

16 min: Yellow card Njanka (rough tackle on Roberto Baggio).

20 min: Songo'o out quickly to defy Vieri.

22 min: Songo'o does same to Vieri but this time concedes corner. Italy pressing hard.

25 min: Yellow card Costacurta (Sunday morning tackle on Angibeaud).

35 min: Cameroon forcing frowns on Italian bench as Italy forfeit midfield control.

41 min: Roberto Baggio leads first Italian attack for five minutes.

42 min: Red card Kalla (slid over ball, hitting Di Biagio hard on thigh).

56 min: Mboma gets half chance as Italy rock. 57 min: Substitute Job's shot touched round by Pagliuca.

60 min: Italy only counter-attacking. Vieri misses from one. Songo'o comes out to stop the next.

62 min: Yellow card Di Biagio.

64 min: Del Piero arrives as substitute for Roberto Baggio.

68 min: Del Piero frustrated when Ndo gets behind own beaten 'keeper.

75 min: Vieri lifts long ball from Moriero over goalkeeper to score comfortable second Italian goal.

77 min: Yellow card Angibeaud (late tackle).

80 min: Del Piero brings desperate save from Songo'o.

84 min: Yellow card Song (tackle from behind on Del Piero.

90 min: Vieri pushes past Wome and is allowed to shoot past Songo'o to take his third goal in the competition.