Football: The Complete Guide to France 98

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Spain 0 Paraguay 0


Goal: 0

Yellow cards: 2 (Sergi, Kiko)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 10

Offside: 4

Free-kicks (against): 12

Coach: Javier Clemente

Goals: 0

Yellow cards: 2 (Ayala, Arce)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 7

Offside: 3

Free-kicks (against): 19

Coach: Paulo Cesar Carpeggiani

Running commentary

7 min: Yellow card Sergi (not a fierce tackle).

9 min: Paraguay force two corners.

10 min: Spain caught after their own breakaway. Campos's centre not met. Rojas was waiting.

11 min: Rojas again ready for cross which is inaccurate.

14 min: Benitez free-kick breaks through defence, but covered by Zubizarreta.

20 min: Pizzi's determined header denied goal by alert Chilavert on line.

26 min: Pizzi forces his way into danger area to emphasise Spain's growing threat.

30 min: Yellow card Ayala (tackle from behind on Pizzi).

38 min: Goalkeeper Chilavert up for free-kick. Hits wall but Ayala forces corner.

41 min: Aguilera crucially cuts across Rojas as he breaks into Spanish goal area.

44 min: Spain almost take lead as Raul's shot is blocked by keeper and Ayala clears well.

48 min: Raul and Luis Enrique over fussy in front of goal.

52 min: Goalscoring hope Morientes comes on in place of Pizzi.

55 min: Luis Enrique slams shot that Chilavert deflects for corner.

61 min: Raul well blocked by Ayala.

62 min: Paraguay holding Spain in midfield 63 min: Testing long shot from Benitez cleverly, essentially saved.

65 min: Raul surprisingly replaced by Kiko.

68 min: Luis Enrique rises high for header but Chilavert casually turns it aside.

76 min: Yellow card Arce (time wasting).

82 min: Luis Enrique waits for ball to drop, not shooting first time. Spain lost for ideas.

86 min: Yellow card Kiko, late tackle, Ayala.

90 min: Paraguay defend well under pressure, as they had throughout.

90 min: Last second free-kick by Hierro again hits wall.