Football: The Global Game

The World Cup Around the World
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"Maldini is the winner, with his perennially innocent air of accidental champion. And he can win without foreign mercenaries, without Ronaldo, without Batistuta; with nothing but the dregs of a national championship in which Italians seem to have been relegated to stop-gaps." La Republica eulogises about the victorious Italian side on pages 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well as a large chunk of its sports section.

"This home-grown baldy provided the oxygen needed by a team which, in the second half especially, was out of control at times, despite being one man down."

La Stampa, you may be surprised to learn, believes Roberto Baggio is Italy's midfield Ronaldo, hence the hair reference.

"Vastic saved Prohaska's face and kept the team's hopes alive. Now it is about time the coach decided to do something to help the team.

In the first half, Prohaska sent Haas on the pitch instead of Herzog but forgot to tell him what to do. Haas was unable to perform well due to a weak midfield."

Der Standard is scathing about Austria and their coach despite their late, late equaliser against Chile.

Compiled by Anne Hanley and Richard Wetherell