Football: The Hounding Of Hoddle (after A E Housman)

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Oh who is that young football coach saying sorry all about?

And what has he been doing that they shake their fists and shout?

And wherefore is he making such sensational headline news?

Oh it's all because of the outrage at the nature of his views.

Talking never was his strong point and the Press has caught him now,

Saying something rather silly that can easily make a row;

So they've piled up all the headlines and happily lit the fuse

Of a bonfire that will consume him for the nature of his views.

Now a deal of pain he's taken to try and explain his stance,

But no one wants to listen, for at last they've got their chance;

The hue and cry has started and ministers are forming queues

To condemn him and disown him for the nature of his views.

"Tis a shame to modern thinking such a philosophy as his

In the good old time `twas hanging for saying things like this;

Though hanging isn't bad enough and flaying is fair dues

For the nameless and abominable nature of his views."

Now `tis the sackcloth for his body and ashes for his hair,

And the memory of that Davies who left him swinging in the air;

And in between photographs, in the time he wants to choose,

He can curse the men who removed him for the nature of his views.