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Found on the Web: Carlisle Utd fanzines

IN A poll of Carlisle fans, 50 per cent answered the question "Has Michael Knighton's reign been a good thing for Carlisle United ?" with a "yes," 47 per cent with a "no" and three per cent with "don't know." By the end of the weekend the club may have dropped from the League. This site is as good a place as any to track what has gone wrong, with particular attention to the last couple of months. There is also plenty of speculation over whether Carlisle should have merged/might merge with Clydebank, and reaction from fans. There is also a message from the site's creator, a Foxes fan. "I have never felt so uneasy about the a relegation battle," he writes. "In the past, I have always felt confident that we would win through. This time I have an awful feeling we will go down. But this is incidental, no matter what I feel, I will continue to go to the games and give the team my support and I urge all other fans to do so as well."

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