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Found on the Web: Blind, Stupid and Desperate

THIS UNOFFICIAL Watford website is chock-a-block with amusing football trivia, including the superbly detailed "If I had the wings of a sparrow" page which gives the traditional song a multi-national flavour by reproducing it in a host of languages including Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian and West Riding. Other pages on the site include "The Hall of Arse", which is an amusing look at what contributors think about the ineptitude of players who once graced the Vicarage Road turf, and "Famous defeats", which recounts, amongst other things, how The Hornets lost 3-1 to Kaiserslauten in the Uefa Cup first round, first leg in 1983.

Seen but not bought

THE CHANCES are that Oxford will get pasted this evening by Sunderland in the first ever pay-per-view football match on national television. For those Oxford fans who'd like to make themselves look tougher so that they won't be taunted by the north-easterners, what better thing to do than spend pounds 39.99 on an OUFC black towelling bath robe (with white belt)? This delightful, must-have item will turn even the weediest fan into a fearsome Bruce Lee.