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Found on the Web: A guide to football pubs

FOR NEWCASTLE and Middlesbrough fans fancying a pint or 10 before and after today's match, there's plenty of places to choose from (200 pubs within three miles of the city centre) and many are listed on the "Football fans good pub guide." The site is the most comprehensive football pub site on the web, compiled by fans from around the country. English clubs from every division are fairly comprehensively covered, but for some reason, there are no pubs in Scotland!! Obviously the Scots are too busy drinking to be surfing the net. The site is not as regularly updated as it could be, but does have a "drinking news" section (which the story about Plymouth pubs mistakenly serving shandy made with 70 per cent beer, not 50 per cent), a "virtual pub" with pool tables and quiz machine, and a vidiprinter with the latest results.