Football: The Sweeper - My team John McCririck Newcastle United

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"I was born in Surrey, but there weren't many good teams there. I've supported Newcastle all my miserable life because my uncle was from there. It was half a crown to watch in the 50s. The average wage was pounds 10 a week. It was a great era: Simpson, Harvey, Crowe. I once interviewed Jackie Milburn, a total hero, the epitome of his age. I can't believe Newcastle will win the title in my lifetime. I'm ashamed of my support. I'm a fair weather fan. I haven't got a rattle, but I've visited the Newcastle shop and I've got some hats. I think Shearer's lost half a yard of pace. He's still the best striker in the country, but needs support. Ruud Gullitt is terrific! He did it for Chelsea and I believe he'll do it for us." Interview by Daniel Booth