Football: The Sweeper - The price is right

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WHAT A dilemma. It's going to be hard to know who to root for in the Uefa Cup Final in Moscow next month. Should The Price Is Right cheer on Parma (the 1-2 favourites we've backed at "Burlington Bertie" 100-30) or Marseilles (the 6-4 underdogs we've backed at 7-1)? Easy money. Things are admittedly somewhat more clear-cut in the European Cup final. Manchester United (the 4-6 favourites we've backed at 9-2) have simply got to beat Bayern Munich at the Nou Camp while, in the Cup-Winners' Cup final at Villa Park, Lazio (the 1-2 favourites we've backed at 6-4) must beat Real Mallorca. Meanwhile, despite last week's reverse, we reckon we're pulling into Draw Central again this week-end so we're going for a big trebles' spread with a fun four-timer thrown in to boot.


(35 x pounds 1 trebles with Stanley): Blackburn to draw with Liverpool (12- 5); Everton to draw with Charlton (9-4); Leicester to draw with Coventry (9-4); Tottenham to draw with West Ham (12-5); Wimbledon to draw with Newcastle (9-4); Leeds to draw with Manchester United (9-4); Sheffield Wednesday to draw with Chelsea (12-5).


(pounds 1 four-timer with Stanley): Aston Villa to beat Nottingham Forest (4- 11); Southampton to win at Derby (13-5); Arsenal to win at Middlesbrough (5-6); Sampdoria to draw with Lazio (2-1).

ORIGINAL BANK: pounds 100.

CURRENT KITTY: pounds 150.07!

TODAY'S BETS: pounds 39.24 (inc. tax).