Football: The Sweeper: The price is right

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IF YOU back a horse to win, it finishes second. If you back it each-way it comes in fifth and if you do four draw trebles you only get two up. The Sweeper, tortured as ever by existentialist angst, is haunted by two recurring questions. Is Milan's 3-4-3 formation the logical progression from 3-5-2; and, if there is a God, is he a bookmaker? Arsenal - who we've got pounds 3 on for the Premiership title at 5-1 - boosted their prospects by hammering Tottenham in midweek while also-rans Manchester United were being held at Anfield. The have-they-got-anything-to-play-for factor is crucial once again this weekend and Everton, who need a win to restore some respect at home may be held to a draw by West Ham, who are still aiming for a top five finish. Apathetic mid-tablers Leicester and Newcastle could fight out a draw similar to the Wimbledon v Newcastle number last week, while Sheffield Wednesday may draw with Liverpool in similar circumstances at Hillsborough. Finally Southampton, who desperately need a win to keep their survival hopes alive, may get the result they want at Selhurst Park against Wimbledon, whose squad seem to have already packed their bags for their summer holidays.


(Four pounds 2 trebles with Stanley): Everton to draw with West Ham (9-4); Leicester to draw with Newcastle (9-4); Sheffield Wednesday to draw with Liverpool (11-5); Southampton to win at Wimbledon (5-4).

ORIGINAL BANK: pounds 100.

CURRENT KITTY: pounds 138.02!

TODAY'S BETS: pounds 8.72 (including 72p tax paid on).