Football: The Treble - Two minutes that made football history

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I can't believe it. I can't believe it. Football, eh? Bloody hell. I am so proud of my players. They are incredible human beings. They never gave in. I don't know what to say ... I haven't said anything to the players yet - I was just hugging them and kissing them and slobbering all over them. A lot will be written saying that we'll be taking it easy [next season]. That's true, and I will take it easy - until we lose the first game.

Alex Ferguson

If this is a bad week, hopefully I'll have a few more of them.

Roy Keane, who missed the match through suspension.

Oh No! That was bitter! Just unbelievable!

German paper `Bild Zeitung'

To lose in that way must be terrible. But to win it that way is that much better.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, scorer of United's winner.

The Germans were getting very flash and a bit cocky. I saw Basler walking over to take a corner waving to his fans. I wasn't best pleased with that, so it was even sweeter to win the game like we did.

Teddy Sheringham, who scored the equaliser.

A party for 90 minutes: and then the tears poured.

Munich tabloid `tz'

God is English.

French sports daily `L'Equipe'

It's one of the best feelings in the world, especially with being 1- 0 down with a minute to go. I've had a big year with the birth of my son and that was the most special thing that could ever have happened to me, but this is next.

David Beckham

The greatest two minutes in the history of sport.

The `Mirror'

Call it destiny, if you like. But we just refused to lose. We have done it before this season in a lot of games, scored goals and won when it did not look possible. Now I think we know we've got to come back again next season and do it all over again.

Gary Neville

I always said we would never be judged as a great team until we had won the Champions' League. We've done that now and I think we deserve to be ranked along with the Liverpool teams of the Eighties. Hopefully this is just a stepping stone and we can go on and dominate like they did. We've got everything in our favour: I think we can only get better.

Ryan Giggs

Two subs sent on, torpedoes away.

`Daily Mail'

The best team didn't win.

Lothar Matthaus, Bayern Munich defender

Manchester never gave up. But I didn't reckon that we would leave the pitch as losers. That was tragic.

Ottmar Hitzfeld, Bayern coach

It's been all right saying English football is the healthiest and the best to watch, but you really need to have something to show for it and to win the Champions' League, there's nothing bigger in world club football. I might even have a couple of drinks tonight.

Sir Bobby Charlton

It's difficult to get any higher than this. It's been an amazing thing being part of a team like Manchester United.

Goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, who played his last game for United.

Happy Birthday, Sir Matt.

Spanish newspaper, `El Pais'

Bayern Munich must have been pig-sick.

Sir Tom Finney

At a time like this you just have to lie back and think of England.

Graham Sharpe, Spokesman for bookmakers William Hill

We might have made history but next season we're going to try to make the history of all histories. I signed a five-year deal so I've got four years left and who knows what those other years are going to bring me.

Dwight Yorke

Never was a loser more of a loser; never was a winner so fortunate.

Barcelona newspaper, `Sport'