Football: The World According To King Kev

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I believe I can live with any situation in which I find myself. If I were going into the ring with Muhammad Ali, I'd honestly believe I deserved to be there. I wouldn't think of being knocked out, only of winning

Many people have helped me on my way, but only one person made me. That was Shanks

(in praise of Bill Shankly)


I'm finished with England. I'll never kick a ball for my country again. After 10 years and 60 caps, I deserve better than to learn of my omission indirectly through the media

(after being left out of Bobby Robson's first squad)


If anyone ever hears that Kevin Keegan is coming back to football full- time, they can laugh as much as I will. It will never happen. That is certain

(leaving to live in Marbella)


You hope and you pretend you know what you're doing

(after entering management at Newcastle)


As a manager you always have a gun to your head. The question is whether there's a bullet in the barrel

(on selling Andy Cole)


I would love it if we beat them [Manchester United], just love it

(after psychological warfare by Alex Ferguson)


There's only one team that's going to win it now and that's England

(as World Cup pundit, a minute before Romania scored winning goal)


Whoever the FA have chosen, good luck to him. But it's not me, so I hope no one's had a bet on me

(last week, insisting he was "not interested" in managing England)

... and how others see him


Kevin Keegan is the Julie Andrews of football

Duncan McKenzie


Skill-wise, he's not fit to lace my boots

George Best


As a player, Kevin had 75 per cent ability and 150 per cent fitness. He had to do it by hard work, and it influenced others when he became a manager

Tommy Smith


If Kevin fell into the Tyne he'd come up with a salmon in his mouth

Jack Charlton