FOOTBALL: Uefa clarifies Bosman ruling

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The European Football Union yesterday clarified the position regarding the transfer system and nationality rules following the Jean-Marc Bosman judgement.

Uefa, the governing body of European football, states that the ruling only affects the transfer of players no longer under contract. It is therefore still possible to obtain a transfer fee for a player under contract, irrespective of where the player is transferred to.

If a player is no longer under contract and is transferred from a club in one member state of the European Union to a club in another member state, then it is no longer possible to obtain a transfer fee. But this only applies if the player is also a national of one of the EU member states.

If a player is transferred from one English club to another then it is possible to obtain a transfer fee. The same applies if a player moves from an English club to a Scottish club as the transfer takes place within a single EU member state. The changes apply from 15 December.

Restrictions on the number of EU nationals who may play in teams in domestic competitions are illegal. Restrictions on non-EU nationals who can play in European club competitions remain in place, as teams are said to be "representing their countries".