Football: Voices of Iran

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ON THE mad, bad world of the Internet, there is no shortage of news and chat sites dedicated to the Iranian football team. Most of the contributors appear to be Iranian exiles living abroad, but none the less the sites are a decent guide to what the fans are talking about prior to tomorrow's big game against the United States.

On the Iranian Football Page one contributor who should probably remain anonymous has written: "Iran will make Americans eat s**t for another 40 years. Then in 40 years the Americans will start a war against some poor hungry people... win that war and think they are powerful. It makes you wonder, if USA is so brave, why not pick a fight with brave people in Iran?"

Such strong words are by no means typical, though, and drew the following response on the same site: "Please refrain from such inanities and such language in the name of defending Iran! We might have ladies visting this site."

On the Iranian Soccer Online page there is no shortage of fervent support. "I am very confident that the Iranians will prevail and kick those cocky American asses. The US is going down this Sunday," wrote one fan.

A fan on another site, just called Iranian Football, has insisted: "The US team is going to be like Shirley Temple from the Good Ship Lollipop, when the Persian Power gets through with them. My prediction: 4-0 Iran."

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Iranian Football: Colosseum/Stadium/9852/

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