Football: Vox Pop: If you were reincarnated, who would you like to come back as? And who should manage England?

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Former Fifa referee

I would like to come back as the president of Fifa - not as Sepp Blatter, but more for the position. I feel very strongly for the game and the way it is run and would like to restructure football for the next century. The changes you could put in are huge. I would not be a political president. You must be looking for the end product which is right for the game and not just looking out for your own career. I would go for Kevin Keegan as the new England coach. I like his attitude, his manner, his approach.


Peterborough Utd manager

Dear me... Alfredo Di Stefano, because I was a kid when he was playing as centre-forward for Real Madrid and I thought he was absolutely unbelievable. Ability-wise he had it all. He was quick, good in the air, had great control, scored lots of goals - different class. Or George Best. Why? Because he was a genius, and had all them women and drank all that wine. Kevin Keegan as the next England manager because he promotes attractive football. He puts bums on seats and his players play with smiles.


Ex-darts world champion

I would like to come back as a professional golfer - the South African Ernie Els in fact - because it's a cracking life. All sport is pressure but golf has its considerable benefits. It's one of the loveliest sporting lives I could imagine. Unequivocally, an Englishman should be appointed as coach - a foreigner should never be put in charge of our national side. I don't see anything wrong with Howard Wilkinson and can't think of a reason why he shouldn't stay if he does OK against France and Poland.


England cricketer

I would like to come back as Kenny Dalglish. I've always been a big Liverpool supporter and as such he's always been my hero and someone I used to watch in awe. To me there can't be a better experience than scoring in front of the Kop and running to the crowd. He's been the best British footballer I've seen. Alex Ferguson to manage England so Man United can't win anything. I think you want someone who is highly respected and proven. It doesn't matter if he is Scottish, people want the best.


West Ham Utd manager

I wouldn't swap my life with anyone, although there's lots of great players around. Probably the nicest person I've ever met in football was Bobby Moore - we were great mates. If Howard Wilkinson is successful he's got every chance of taking the England job. But there's no one else out there that springs to mind. Kevin Keegan would be a popular appointment. Maybe David Mellor should have the job. He knows the game inside out. Then the papers can crucify him in six months.


England cricketer

Pele, because he was the ultimate entertainer. It's every boy's dream to be a footballer, he was rated the best in the world in his time, was a goalscorer and seemed a happy-go-lucky guy. He played in the World Cup and there's no bigger stage. If you're the England manager it's a poisoned chalice. It's a great shame Hoddle lost the job because he's a younger manager and the players can relate to him. I've always been a fan of Terry Venables and wouldn't mind seeing him back in the job.