Football: Was Hoddle right to send Gascoigne home? A nation divided by the extrovert England midfielder's early exit...

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"There is no reaction." Buckingham Palace spokesman.

"My feeling is it's the right decision. I expect the English team to do even better now." Tony Banks, Sports Minister.

"We are not surprised, many sportsmen say that smoking affects their performance. Our offer of a personal smoking cessation councillor for Gazza remains open if he would like help." Quit, smokers' hotline.

"If he'd had one of our kebabs, he'd have made the squad." Salamis takeaway restaurant, east London.

"He's devastated. He thought he'd earned his place over 10 years, not the last four weeks. Nobody expected this... people are gutted, totally gutted. Chris Evans, DJ and friend.

"The most sensational story to hit English football in years." Boro Livewire, Middlesbrough's clubcall, playing the matter down.

"I've got a ticket for the World Cup and I'm seriously thinking of not going." Caller to Radio Five Live.

"He's been trying to burn the candle at both ends, allowing his social life to affect his football. I don't have much sympathy, he's brought it on himself." Brush manufacturers Brushes North West.

"I empathise with Glenn Hoddle, having had to make hard selection decisions myself. The proof of his judgement will be in England's results." Mike Atherton, former England cricket captain.

"He's only just turned 31. He's got plenty of football left in him." Bryan Robson, Middlesbrough manager.

"It's a brave decision, a hard one, but you have to say that the manager in that environment knows better than anybody." Bobby Gould, Wales manager.

"All the [Welsh] players are amazed. None of us expected it. Maybe if it had been done earlier, [Matt] Le Tissier might have still been involved." Paul Jones, Southampton and Wales goalkeeper.

"Hoddle was going to get slaughtered whatever he did. Take Gazza and people would have complained. Now he's not taking him and people will also question what he's done." Dean Saunders, Wales striker.

"Knowing Gazza, as I do, he'll be gutted. To say he'll be devastated and heartbroken is an understatement because he loves playing for England." Stuart McCall, former Rangers team-mate.

"I don't agree with Glenn's decision, and I can't see that his fitness can be used as a major influence for leaving him out. There are other players who are equally unfit who are going to France. It is something perhaps he will never get over." Trevor Steven, another former Rangers colleague.

"It's the right decision, but what has amazed me is that England have carried him for so long. His attitude has been wrong and his behaviour over several years has to be questioned. Hoddle should have dumped him a while ago." Tommy Docherty, former Manchester United manager.

"Don't write Gazza off. He'll be more determined than ever to prove he's still got it in him." Chris Waddle, former England and Tottenham team- mate.