Football: `We are still alive'

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KEVIN KEEGAN last night insisted that England could still qualify for next year's European Championship finals.

"The opportunity to qualify is still there," Keegan said. "But we have to go to Poland and win. It leaves it alive for us, that's for sure."

Keegan added: "I suppose the biggest disappointment for me was that, when Bulgaria went down to 10 men, we just couldn't find any invention to open them up.

"You have to expect more than we got tonight. But it certainly wasn't due to a lack of effort. Our passing just has to get better and that's a confidence thing and that will come back The invention has to come as well otherwise we are going to struggle to beat teams.

"There were a few players who didn't do themselves justice and others who had spells where they played well but never sustained it for 90 minutes."