FOOTBALL: Wembley and Nottingham are most popular venues

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Organisers of Euro '96 are expecting a deluge of ticket applications in the wake of yesterday's draw. However, the current rate of sales indicates that many applicants will be forced to watch the finals on television.

Tickets have been on sale for several months and the trade has been brisk. More than 360,000 have already been sold - 69 per cent of the total available to the general public - and the majority of remaining tickets will be allocated to the participating teams' national federations, which will receive a maximum of 7,000 for each group match. This total will rise to 11,000 for the final.

Ticket prices range from pounds 15 to pounds 135, but all available 'cheap' tickets have already been sold and Nottingham's three group games at the City Ground are completely sold out.

Wembley has inevitably been the most popular venue, England having been guaranteed from the outset to play at least their three group games there. The cheapest remaining tickets for the final itself are pounds 60, although some pounds 25 seats are still left for the Wembley group games.

Under the 'loyalty' system, whereby anyone wishing to see the final must apply for a minimum of 11 tickets covering matches at all stages of the tournament, the minimum total outlay in order to acquire a final ticket from those still available now stands at pounds 380. When ticket applications opened, a minimum outlay of pounds 270 was necessary.

Ticket application forms are available from the Midland Bank and all Premiership and Endsleigh League clubs. Credit card applications can now be made via the Euro 96 Ticket Hotline on 099-099-1996.