Football: What the papers said about . . . England

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'All dressed up but nowhere to go.' Mail

'England could not have inflicted a greater headache on World Cup- bound Greece if they had smashed an entire dinner service across their heads.' Express

'Even a full-page programme picture of David Gower in the national football strip appeared in tune with Terry Venables's ageless regime. Grey hairs are irrelevant if the grey cells remain untouched.' Independent

'I watched the bigwigs of the FA, the muddled men who govern the game, smiling and applauding from their special places high in the Wembley stands . . . How dare they] How short is their memory and where is their shame?' Sun

'Those who expect teams picked by Venables to contain four Paul Gascoignes, three Matthew Le Tissiers and a couple of Alan Shearers watched guardedly at first as balding heads and moustaches were drafted in to even out the artists and artisans. The moaning was as misplaced as Steve Bould's hair.' Telegraph

'On Sunday, Norway, the team who so baffled Taylor, come to Wembley. Now that will be a test, but if England can overcome them, even without a World Cup place, will Venables and the country not like that?' Today

'Greece begin their World Cup in Boston against Argentina. They may have already lost their taste for tea parties.' Guardian

'Greece are not a team that you might imagine making the likes of Argentina, Nigeria or Bulgaria tremble at World Cup '94 - but then at least they are there.' Times

'Venables calls it his Christmas tree formation, and it was festooned with gifts last night.' Express

'After all he's been through in the previous 18 months, Venables hardly needs telling to beware Greeks bearing gifts.' Mail

'The boys doner good . . . Gre-easy does it, Tel.' Mirror

'From the vegetable patch to the seed bed of perfection.' Independent