Football: What they think on Tyneside

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"Newcastle need somebody who understands the club and the people, and there aren't that many people around. After Ruud Gullit and Ron Atkinson, who else is there? Certainly nobody with experience."

Malcolm Macdonald, the former Newcastle United striker.

"They want to get back to the old way which is attack, attack, attack, play football with style and entertain the paying customer.

The majority of Newcastle supporters were not particularly happy with the brand of football that the team were playing but I think most of them accepted that Kenny was trying to change it around.

Obviously the directors in their wisdom or not have decided: `Well, we cannot condone this, we want to play a certain way, the Newcastle fan wants to be entertained' and consequently Kenny Dalglish has lost his job."

Mark Lawrenson, former Newcastle defensive coach.

"A return to attractive, attacking football would go down well with the fans. People are prepared to sacrifice cavalier football to win things but Dalglish did not. I don't think he will be greatly missed."

Kevin Miles, chairman of the Newcastle United Independent Supporters' Association.

"I welcome Dalglish going, but the timing is absurd - it shows serious questions over the management of the club."

John Regan, vice-chairman of the Newcastle Independent Supporters' Association.