Football: Wilkinson selects Howe

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Don Howe has been appointed as right-hand man to the Technical Director, Howard Wilkinson, in the Football Association's new coaching set-up.

The 61-year-old former England assistant, surplus to Glenn Hoddle's requirements with the senior side, has the national coach's blessing to take the role of Technical Co-Ordinator (Coaching). His job will be to improve coaching and handle research and innovation.

"In my estimation Don Howe is up there with the best coaches in the world," Wilkinson said. "There is no one better versed in the latest developments in coaching throughout the world."

Howe, who worked alongside Bobby Robson and Terry Venables, is the first of a number of appointments that can be expected once Wilkinson completes his initial assessment of what is needed in his new job.

A second technical co-ordinator, with responsibility for organisation and administration, is his first requirement, while he is expected to bring in several well-known coaches to complete his team.

"I believe clubs are recognising the development of young players is of prime importance after the Bosman ruling," Howe said. "That is what the FA and Howard are about. What we are trying to do is wholesome and healthy and in terms of economics it doesn't half make sense."