Football: World Cup - England 2 Colombia 0

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Goals: 2 (Anderton 20, Beckham 30)

Yellow cards: 2 (Scholes, Shearer)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 6

Offside: 5

Free-kicks (against): 15

Coach: Glenn Hoddle

Goal: 0

Yellow cards: 3 (Serna, Aristizabal, Bermudez). Red cards: 0

Corners: 1

Offside: 2

Free-kicks (against): 12

Coach: Hernan Dario Gomez

Running commentary

2 min: Seaman fluffs kick but England escape. Scholes counters with searing shot.

5 min: Owen's first attempt, a volley, goes high.

11 min: Shearer offside when heading over.

17 min: Rincon skips past Le Saux ominously.

18 min: Yellow card Serna (foul on Owen).

20 min: Anderton on right side drives a shot inside the near post for England's lead.

21 min: Yellow card for Scholes (not retreating from free-kick).

24 min: Owen heads over.

30 min: Free-kick by busy Beckham clears wall and sinks into net.

46 min: Wicked shot by Scholes wins corner from which Shearer misses chance.

49 min: Scholes volleys a fraction wide.

51 min: Shearer unable to get power on shot.

52 min: Sixty yard run by Campbell.

72 min: Owen bursts into penalty area. Ball snatched off his toes.

78 min: Ricard volleys wide.

81 min: Owen unusually wastes clear chance.

86 min: Yellow card for Aristizabal (lunge on Adams). Shearer's best shot. Keeper saves.

88 min: Yellow card for Bermudez (brought down Owen).

89 min: Yellow card for Shearer (taking free-kick too early).

90 min: Shearer takes again. Keeper saves. Adams follows up. Blocked by keeper's feet.