Football World Cup: Germany 2 Mexico 1

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Goals: Klinsmann 74, Bierhoff 87

Yellow cards: 4 (Babbel, Matthaus, Tarnat, Hamann). Red cards: 0

Corners: 1

Offside: 1

Free-kicks (against): 19

Coach: Berti Vogts

Goal: Hernandez 46

Yellow cards: 2 (Davino, Blanco)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 5

Offside: 1

Free-kicks (against): 15

Coach: Manuel Lapuente

Running commentary

5 min: Worns rashly gives away dangerous free-kick but escapes yellow card.

15 min: Kopke fumbles shot from Bernal but Germany clear their lines.

20 min: Campos bravely out to block the escaping Klinsmann.

28 min: Klinsmann heads from Matthaus cross but Campos again alert.

37 min: Another athletic save by Campos from Tarnat.

39 min: Klinsmann wide to Hassler who crosses. Bierhoff heads wastefully on to bar.

45 min: Yellow card Babbel (foul).

46 min: Hernandez squeezes through defence from Blanco's neat pass. Places shot in net beyond Kopke.

56 min: Yellow card Matthaus (foul).

56 min: Yellow card Davino (time wasting). 61 min: Matthaus hits own post. Blanco passes to Hernandez. Kopke saves.

74 min: Germany bring on another striker, Kirsten. Klinsmann immediately poaches equaliser from deep inside penalty area.

77 min: Yellow card Tarnat (foul).

85 min: Bierhoff at last gets header on target from Kirsten for typical German late goal.

87 min: Yellow card Blanco (diving).

88 min: Yellow card Hamann (time wasting).