Football: World Cup - In France Without A Ticket

Nicholas Harling's daily quest to see a World Cup match: Day 14
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THE INVASION of Paris by England fans on the early-morning TGV from Toulouse thankfully had little to do with any overwhelming desire to witness yesterday's game at the Stade de France. En-route to Lens or homeward-bound, the English contingent was still too stunned by the defeat against Romania either to contemplate misbehaving on the train or to want to take in another fixture so soon. Neither, fortunately, did many Austrians who appeared, after two opening draws, to have given up on their country. That was not good news for the touts, whose earlier inflated offers for tickets were easily resisted. Prices came tumbling down just before the kick-off, I purchased a 250 franc ticket for 325fr.

Total games: 13. Total cost price: 5,385fr. Total paid: 5,455fr. Two failures to get in.