Football World Cup: Netherlands 2 Yugoslavia 1

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Goals: Bergkamp 37, Davids 90

Yellow cards: 0

Red cards: 0

Corners: 10

Offside: 11

Free-kicks (against): 15

Coach: Guus Hiddink

Goal: Komljenovic 49

Yellow cards: 3 (Stojkovic, Mirkovic, Djorovic). Red cards: 0

Corners: 2

Offside: 3

Free-kicks (against): 14

Coach: Slobodan Santrac

Running commentary

3 min: Dutch start slowly, then Ronald De Boer just fails to connect with first chance.

10 min: Neither side able to get control. Yugoslavia defending in large numbers.

15 min: Cocu gets up well for corner. Yugoslavia's defence fails to mark him.

22 min: Shot from Bergkamp bounces in front of Kralj, who concedes corner.

25 min: Overmars emphasises that he is the Netherlands danger man, nipping inside defence, but closed down.

29 min:Seedorf's promising shot turned to safety by Kralj.

36 min: Cocu's header well stopped.

37 min: Bergkamp battles well to win ball in penalty area. Kralj fails to get down to scoring shot.

38 min: Yellow card for Stojkovic (arguing).

48 min: Poor defending by Dutch allows Komljenovic to head in equaliser from Stojkovic's free-kick.

50 min: Stam tugs on shirt of Jugovic. Penalty: Mijatovic crashes kick against bar.

51 min: Yellow card for Mirkovic (arguing).

66 min: Ronald de Boer good cross. Cocu's diving header just off target.

73 min: Yellow card for Djorovic (foul on Bergkamp).

74 min: Cocu dives to head wide but close.

78 min: Cocu's shot in disallowed for feet-up by Bergkamp.

89 min: Seedorf's low shot denied by Kralj.

90 min: Davids shoots in winner with help of slight deflection in penalty area.