Football: World Cup - Romania 1 Tunisia 1

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Goals: 1 (Moldovan 72)

Yellow cards: 0

Red cards: 0

Corners: 7

Offside: 9

Free-kicks (against): 17

Coach: Anghel Iordanescu

Goals: 1 (Souayah pen 10)

Yellow cards: 2 (Beya, Souayah)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 1

Offside: 5

Free-kicks (against): 21

Coach: Ali Selmi

Running commentary

1 min: Tunisia produce customary early chance when Ben Slimame forces good save.

10 min: Sellimi's quick turn draws in Dulca, who pulls him down to concede penalty. Souayah converts.

14 min: Ball in Tunisian net, but Lacatus already given offside.

18 min: Sellimi's short cross goes to keeper with Ghodhbane free in middle.

27 min: Baya shown yellow (late tackle on Petrescu).

35 min: S Trabelsi carried off after undetected left hook from Lacatus. Returns to accept handshake and apology.

41 min: Lacatus puts ball into box, but Dumitrescu goes down looking for penalty.

46 min: Romania bring on dangerman Ilie for second half.

53 min: Hagi's cultured ball sends Ilie clear, but finish is weak and wide.

56 min: Souayah shown yellow (tackle from behind on Petrescu).

60 min: Moldovan brought on.

71 min: First-string strikers do the trick as Ilie beats offside trap and, when Tunisians fail to clear, Moldovan volleys in.

88 min: Souayah heads in, but ball over line before being crossed.