Football World Cup: Running Commentary France 1 Paraguay 0

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France 1 Paraguay 0


Goals: Blanc 114

Yellow cards: 0

Red cards: 0

Corners: 15

Offside: 1

Free-kicks (against): 12

Coach: Aime Jacquet

Goals: 0

Yellow cards: 5 (Chilavert, Benitez, Enciso, Arce, Rojas). Red cards: 0

Corners: 5

Offside: 1

Free-kicks (against): 19

Coach: Paulo Cesar Carpeggiani

Running commentary

3 min: Petit pierces defence with long angled pass to force corner.

14 min: Lizarazu's clever pass allows Trezeguet to blast shot into side netting.

15 min: Chilavert importantly turns away Diomede's powerful shot.

18 min: Yellow card Chilavert (time wasting).

23 min: Yellow card Benitez (no obvious offence).

32 min: Yellow card Enciso (foul on Henry).

36 min: Diomede fails miserably with shot after Petit again sets him up.

38 min: Henry breaks clear with only 'keeper to beat but hits post.

62 min: Top scorer Henry falls badly (replaced by Pires).

69 min: Petit surprisingly substituted.

73 min: Desailly stopped by Gamarra's fine tackle five yards out.

84 min: Yellow card Arce (foul on Pires).

93 min: Acuna puts shot across face of goal.

99 min: Djorkaeff's free-kick gets beyond wall but deflected and saved.

100 min: Yellow card (Acuna).

112 min: Gamarra continues to block everything thrown at him.

113 min: From Trezeguet's header Blanc beats the brave, defiant Chilavert.