Football: World Cup - Scotland 0 Morocco 3

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Goals: 0

Yellow cards: 1 (Gallacher)

Red cards: 1 (Burley)

Corners: 5

Offside: 3

Free-kicks (against): 10

Coach: Craig Brown

Goals: Bassir 22, 84 Hadda 47

Yellow cards: 1 (Chippo)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 1

Offside: 4

Free-kicks (against): 16

Coach: Henri Michel

Running commentary

5 min: Leighton quick off line for essential punch over Hendry's head.

8 min: Vulnerability in air of Benzekri shown as he misses Scotland's first corner.

14 min: Benzekri fails to intercept Scottish attack. Durie unable to take advantage.

20 min: Yellow card Gallacher (pushing and pulling with Abrami).

21 min: Long ball by El Khalej wrongfoots Hendry. Bassir takes it up and drives in shot between Leighton and near post.

38 min: Unpredictable Benzekri turns away Burley's searching shot then flaps at corner.

44 min: Hendry makes exceptional tackle as Bassir breaks away at frightening speed.

46 min: Another long ball catches out Scotland. Hadda loses Weir. Shot tipped upwards by Leighton but only to drop under crossbar.

53 min: Red card Burley, tackle from behind.

65 min: Hendry risks first excursion from defence. Benzekri untroubled.

79 min: Azzouzi cleverly escapes tackles in Scottish penalty area.

80 min: Yellow card Chippo.

84 min: Bassir easily flicks ball over Boyd, then strikes his second goal in off Hendry.