Football: World Cup: Yugoslavia 1 Iran 0

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Goal: Mihajlovic 73

Yellow cards: 2 (Petrovic, Stojkovic)

Red cards: 0

Corners: 7

Offside: 5

Free-kicks (against): 12

Coach: Slobodan Santrac

Goal: 0

Yellow cards: 0

Red cards: 0

Corners: 2

Offside: 3

Free-kicks (against): 25

Coach: Jalal Talebi

Running commentary

2 min: In off-ball incident, Mirkovic injures ankle but recovers.

6 min: Nippy Azizi nips through penalty area without success.

8 min: Jokanovic tries hopeful long volley.

13 min: Iran keeper Nakisa loses low ball but no Yugoslavian up with play.

15 min: Header by Djorovic clips crossbar.

19 min: Iran home in on organiser Stojkovic with clattering unpunished late tackle.

24 min: Azizi strikes low shot, Kralj saves.

30 min: Jokanovic guides header from corner a shade over as Iran keeper stays on line.

34 min: Milosevic's shot slightly off target.

37 min: Azizi again plays fine,cutting pass. Minavand unable to take advantage.

42 min: Yellow card for Petrovic (challenge from behind on Mahdavikia).

44 min: Kralj deals hesitantly with well struck free-kick from Bagheri.

46 min: Milosevic and Minavand bump heads - Iranian off for two minutes.

51 min: Mahdavikia again presses down wing impressively.

57 min: Jugovic powers straight down the middle. Defence holds firm.

60 min: Yellow card for Stojkovic (frustrated outburst to ref after foul).

65 min: Competent save by Nakisa from Mihailovic's finger burning free- kick.

68 min: Stojkovic called off - in case of further trouble?

72 min: Iran give away one free-kick too many. Mihailovic hits free-kick wide of wall. Keeper unsighted. Ball flies past him into net.

81 min: Azizi cuts another superb pass, but Djorovic blocks Mahdavikia's drive.

81 min: Mijatovic's shot well held by Nakisa.

86 min: Again Mahdavikia centres shrewdly. Daei heads and Kralj needs two grasps.