Football: Youngsters' promotion may be sooner rather than later

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Lawrie McMenemy's reaction to the Foxborough debacle was to tell the members of his successful England Under-21 team that they could be due a promotion sooner than they thought, writes Our Correspondent in Toulon. 'If results aren't going right you've sometimes got to change it around and take a look at the reserves,' he said. 'These lads here are next in line.'

Darren Anderton, Jamie Redknapp and Gary Flitcroft would come strongly recommended to Taylor on the strength of their performances here in an Under-21 tournament in which England will reach the semi-finals if they can extend their unbeaten run to eight matches against a below-standard Brazil tonight.

McMenemy is keen to get to the States. 'I don't really know what's happening out there except that Graham must be suffering. I just feel my place is beside the fellow.

'An assistant's job is back to back with his manager. I know he's got Phil Neal with him, but he needs the support of someone who's been in the chair as long as I have.'