Brazilian police pepper-spray footballer after he attempts to attack referee - video

The CSA player Nego was later detained by police after continuing his attack after being sprayed

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In the Premier League a three-match ban usually helps to keep players in line, in the Alagoas State Championship they use pepper-spray.

A video has emerged showing the moment a Brazilian football player had to be pepper-sprayed by police after he tried to attack match officials following the final whistle.

The incident took place during Sunday’s Alagoas State Championship clash on Sunday that saw CRB beat local rivals CSA 2-1. The match was shrouded in controversy, with many CSA fans and players critical of the referee’s performance.

Following the final whistle, CSA players ran towards the referee to show their anger and riot police had to step in to protect the match officials.

CSA player Nego was so displeased with the referee's performance that he tried to kick the referee through the riot police cordon.

In an attempt to keep him at bay, a policeman was then filmed pepper-spraying Nego in the face from just a few metres away.

Despite having the pepper-spray still in his eyes, an incensed Nego continued with his attack and was later detained by police.

CSA later complained to police that the decision to pepper-spray and arrest Nego was too harsh.

It was not only on the pitch that emotions ran high either; local media reported that there were a number of incidents of fan violence inside the ground as well.