Emile Heskey proves he CAN hit a cow's backside with a banjo

The former Liverpool striker was appearing on BT Sport's Follow the Football

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Long after his career in English football has ended, Emile Heskey's impotency in front of goal remains an object of ridicule.

The former Liverpool striker became infamous during his career and perhaps even more well known after it for an inability to hit the back of the net on a regular basis.

The phrase: "He couldn't hit a cow's backside with a banjo" could have been coined for the former Leicester, Liverpool and Aston Villa striker.

Perhaps, however, Heskey, who now plays in Australia for the Newcastle Jets is receiving too little credit for his prowess when presented with a target.

Appearing on Des Kelly's Follow the Football on BT Sport, Heskey was presented to his amusement with a man dressed in a bovine costume, who bent over and allowed the ex England man a free shot at his behind.

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On this occasion, Heskey's aim was unerring - although he did require two shots at it. On the second attempt, the end of the banjo fell off - rather like the tail end of Heskey's career disappearing off the edge of a cliff.

Still, it's good to see a footballer revelling in self-deprecation - and even more reassuring to know that the big striker's is as wobbly as ever.