Anis Ben-Hatira performs Spiderman goal celebration to cheer up eight-year-old 'superhero' cancer patient

The Hertha Berlin player donned a mask after scoring at the weekend

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Much has been made of some of the goal celebrations seen over the weekend, but none were as touching as the one performed by Hertha Berlin player Anis Ben-Hatira.

On Sunday, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney took the opportunity to make light of a video that showed him being knocked out by Sunderland player Phil Bardsley during an impromptu boxing bout in his kitchen. Meanwhile in Spain, Gareth Bale celebrated a double for Real Madrid by covering his ears to signify he wasn't listening to the recent barrage of criticism aimed in his direction.

But it was the opening goal scored in the Bundesliga meeting between Hertha Berlin and Schalke that perhaps deserved the most attention.

After scoring in the 21st minute, Anis Ben-Hatira marked his return to action following injury by running to the sidelines where he grabbed a Spiderman mask.

Whilst the wearing of masks has been seen on football pitches many times before, the back story is much more moving than the average tale.


Tunisia international Ben-Hatira wore the mask to show his support for an eight-year-old boy battling cancer.

Ben-Hatira met Jannik in October after which the footballer made a promise to support the youngster.

Then, ahead of the match on Saturday, Ben-Hatira gave an update on Jannick's improving condition and asked him for a favour in return.

"Hi guys, a few month ago I introduced you to my friend Jannik. Jannik got hit by his fortune in a really bad way and he is fighting against cancer. Even thought he is a little man - he fights like Superman against his illness. Jannik puts bravery on another level and I am totally impressed by his will and strength. It was a very hard time and Jannik and his whole family suffered a lot. I tried my very best to be always on his side and luckily we can say now: there seems to be progress. As a sign of my admiration I asked Jannik if he would do me a favor within the next weeks. I would love to enter the Olympic Stadium on his side! His braveness will be an example for all of us. Jannik, you are my little superhero! I am blessed to be part of the moment when you enter the stage again!"


After scoring in the 2-2 draw with Schalke, Ben-Hatira was able to acknowledge the "little superhero" who was in the stands at the Olympic Stadium to watch the celebration.



After the match, Jannick also came onto the pitch where the Hertha Berlins gave the eight-year-old a heart-warming ovation.