Arsenal 3 Anderlecht 3: Anderlecht manager Besnik Hasi mocks Gunners after comeback, saying he 'exposed' Arsene Wenger's side

Hasi criticised Arsenal for trying to 'have fun in front of their public'

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Anderlecht manager Besnik Hasi has criticised Arsenal after his side fought back from three goals down to secure a remarkable 3-3 draw last night, saying that his team "exposed" the Gunners, who could not adapt to the changes he made for the final 30 minutes.

Hasi brought on the goalscorer Aleksandar Mitrovic in the 62nd minute, and changed his team's formation.

"Arsenal tried to play the same way," Hasi said. "They didn't just sit back. They tried to score a fourth and, at 3-2, they started to have doubts. We could see a difference from the mental perspective. I think we deserved the 3-3.

"Maybe Arsenal thought they were on top and they could get more goals and they could have fun in front of the public. At 3-0, you can say it's over and they wanted the fourth and the fifth goal but we made some changes."

Hasi and Wenger did not shake hands after the match, but the Anderlect manager was not too upset about it.

"It doesn’t hurt me," he said.


"Yes but to expose them, you have to have confidence. At 3-1, yes, we used the spaces that they gave us. We have some young, fast players and if they have confidence, they can go. At 3-2, you saw Arsenal were doubting. We also changed our scheme with the second striker Yes, Arsenal doubted and we were growing.

"The last 30 minutes were as intense as when we won the championship [last season]. I am a young coach but this will stay in my memory. We come from a small competition but we showed we can match these teams. Over the two games against Arsenal, we deserve more than one point."