Arsenal vs PSG: Aaron Ramsey should be 'embarrassed' after Edinson Cavani clash, says Steven Gerrard

Cavani appeared to strike Ramsey before half time

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Aaron Ramsey should be “embarrassed” by his behaviour during a clash with Edinson Cavani during Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Paris Saint-Germain, says Steven Gerrard.

The pair were involved in an incident on the stroke of half time as the Welshman tried to retrieve the ball from Cavani as the Uruguayan attempted to delay the taking of Arsenal’s penalty.

As Ramsey slapped the ball out of the striker’s hand, Cavani reacted by appearing to strike the midfielder in the chest and making slight contact with his chin while doing so.

The 25-year-old gesticulated to the referee as he held his face but Cavani, who also went head-to-head with Olivier Giroud in the tunnel at half time, escaped any punishment.

"I think he should be a little embarrassed by that. I thought the Welsh are meant to be tough,” Gerrard said on BT Sport.

Rio Ferdinand echoed the Liverpool legend’s view, saying: “I think there was a bit of over-reacting from Ramsey. I think if he was a foreign player we'd be going mad.”

However, former Arsenal record goalscorer Ian Wright disagreed and came to the defence of Ramsey, who didn’t go down to over-embellish the clash.

Wright suggested the PSG forward could have been sent off for his part in the incident, for a combination of hitting Ramsey and time wasting.

“Cavani has taken the ball to bide time, maybe put a bit more pressure on Giroud and I think he's very lucky," he said.

"To throw his hand like that... I don't think it's that bad, but his arm is very aggressive, he could easily have gone for that."