Arturo Vidal sent back to Bayern Munich from Chile training after reports of night in casino

The midfielder received a two-year driving ban this summer

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Midfielder Arturo Vidal has left the Chilean national team after being granted a leave of absence.

A short statement released by the Football Federation of Chile on Tuesday cited 'personal problems' as the reason for the 28-year-old's early return to Bayern Munich.

Chilean media initially said that the reason behind Vidal's absence was his son's health.

However, several national media outlets have since reported that Vidal has been sent home for disciplinary reasons.

Newspaper El Mercurio claims that Vidal turned up to national team training unfit, having spent the previous night at a casino.

Vidal has insisted that his reasons for returning to Germany are legitimate and told reporters to 'stop making things up'.

"I would prefer it if you would be more kind to me in Chile, but some people just want to drag me through the mud," he said.

"It is for family problems and nothing more. The coach understood me and I am leaving on a positive note."

During this summer's Copa America, Vidal was handed a two-year driving ban after being found behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol and crashing his Ferrari.



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