Balotelli behaviour slammed by Inter team-mates

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Inter Milan striker Mario Balotelli has been rebuked by his team-mates after throwing his shirt to the ground at the end of the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Barcelona.

The Serie A side won the match 3-1 but 75th-minute substitute Balotelli, who was given a less than supportive welcome by home fans at the San Siro, was in no mood to celebrate.

Instead, having already gestured to the crowd after shooting wide, the 19-year-old threw his jersey to the turf and marched angrily towards the tunnel at the close.

It is not the first time Balotelli's relationship with Inter has come under scrutiny - he once declared himself to be an AC Milan fan and coach Jose Mourinho has enjoyed a fractious relationship with the teenager at times this season.

Reflecting on his latest indiscretion, Inter midfielder Dejan Stankovic was unimpressed.

The Daily Telegraph quote Stankovic as saying: "He's like a child. I'm a father of three kids and we can't take him by the collar, too.

"He's suffered, but I've suffered too with the fans. He's reacted poorly, but he's still got time."

Inter captain Javier Zanetti added: "(I am) disappointed that a celebration was ruined with something like this. If the fans whistle at him he's got to understand that it could depend on a lot of different things. We've always stood by him."

Inter managing director Ernesto Paolillo went on to suggest that Balotelli's behaviour would not go unpunished by the club.

"Balotelli's gesture? Very bad." he said.

"It's something that we'll need to discuss. Will we take action? Absolutely so."