Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu on: Why transfer ban is a travesty - EXCLUSIVE

It is 'completely disproportionate', says club president

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“The ban is completely disproportionate, completely,” says Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu. “It makes no sense that Barça is punished because some young players have come to our La Masia academy without their parents.

“I am completely in agreement with the spirit of the law. Fifa should give very strong punishments to clubs or individuals that mistreat children.

“But [it is] one thing to protect them and another to punish us for going around the world giving what are effectively football scholarships.

“My son is 14 and next year one of his classmates is going to study in England.

“His dad asked me: ‘My son is a very good player – what club can he play for?’ And I told him: ‘None of them’. If he and his wife accompany him then maybe, but if he’s going alone the English FA can’t register him.


“There are youngsters missing out on opportunities and, one day, if an affected parent takes this to the European Community we will see another Bosman ruling.”