Chelsea v Galatasaray: Didier Drogba won't rule out celebrating if he scores at Stamford Bridge

The sides meet in the Champions League vying for a place in the quarter-finals

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There is no doubt about Didier Drogba's love for Chelsea.

The striker's return to Stamford Bridge for tonight's Champions League meeting has been preceded by displays of affection from both sides.

Drogba said yesterday: "Of course there will be emotions. Of course. Like in the first leg when I saw my ex-team-mates, and the Chelsea fans at the stadium. It was special."

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho predicted that the Ivorian will return to Chelsea sooner or later, not as a visitor, but as an employee of the club once more.

“I think it has to happen one day," said the man who brought Drogba to Chelsea originally. "When, I don’t know. As a player, as a coach, as an ambassador, next year, in four or five years, or 10 years, I don’t know.


“But when a person represents so much to a club and the club represents so much to a person, as is the case, I think he has to be welcomed back."

However, as much love as there may be on all sides, Drogba could yet upset the Blues and says if his new team progresses at the expense of the old one, "I will be happy".

While he will be Galatasaray's main threat in tonight's match, which is currently level at 1-1 after the first-leg, Drogba has not ruled out celebrating should he score.

Drogba was coy when asked about his celebration plans, simply saying he "might not celebrate".