Video: Cristiano Ronaldo angered by cameraman persistently filming him during Madrid derby, gives him death stare as a result

Video: He may usually love a few cameras on his toned physique, but it gets a bit much when he's just sitting on the bench

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For a man who rarely misses a chance to flaunt his abs both on and off the pitch, you'd imagine Cristiano Ronaldo would welcome any attention his presence garners.

That is, unless you film him when he's been benched for an important match.

Video from Wednesday night's Copa del Rey first-leg tie between Ronaldo's Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid shows the Ballon d'Or winner getting angry at a cameraman filming him as he sat on the subs bench.

The cameraman, who evidently found the action on the pitch rather dull, insisted on filming Ronaldo, prompting the star to give him a clear death stare and ask, "You don't have nothing else to do?" According to reports, the head of the Madrid press had to come over to the cameraman and ask him, as well as others, to leave the area.

The Portuguese national was on the bench for over an hour before replacing James Rodríguez, with the Galacticos eventually losing the leg 2-0.


The last week hasn't been great for Ronaldo and his team mates, with Real Madrid ending their 22-match winning streak with a loss at Valencia last weekend, and then losing against their Madrid rivals on Wednesday.

Furthermore, reports suggest Ronaldo was already in a foul mood thanks to teammate Gareth Bale. With the score against Valencia at 1-1, the Welshman had a great chance to score, yet instead of making a simple pass to Karim Benzema, he decided to go it alone and was tackled by Nicolas Otamendi.

Benzema and Ronaldo were pictured during the match showing their frustration and Spanish newspaper Marca report that they are yet to forgive Bale.

"The Real Madrid dressing room have not yet forgiven Gareth Bale for his monumental miss at Mestalla and are still angry with the Welshman," writes J. I. Garcia-Ochoa.