Cristiano Ronaldo jeers are understandable if not entirely fair, says Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos

'I understand the public and Cris because the Bernabéu pounces on big players,' explained Ramos

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Sergio Ramos has said that he understands why some Real Madrid supporters were jeering Cristiano Ronaldo during their Champions League win against Bayern Munich – although he thinks fans at the Bernabéu should be more respectful.

Ronaldo was repeatedly whistled throughout the first-half of the quarter-final match, before he struck a late hat-trick to send Madrid into the semi-finals of the competition.

Ramos explained after the match that the whistling was because the home support hold Ronaldo to a higher standard and constantly expect the Portuguese star to deliver, although he requested people to “think a little more” about their actions.

“I understand the public and Cris,” Ramos said after the match. “He is a player who always gives the maximum. He can have good or bad matches like everyone.

“But people should think about it a little more. The Bernabéu has pounced on all the big players because they always ask for a little more.

“It is difficult to succeed here.”

Ronaldo was given a hard time before hitting a hat-trick (Getty)

The Madrid captain was in a combative mood after the full-time whistle and also commented on a tweet posted by Gerard Pique immediately after Ronaldo’s crucial 76th-minute goal, which television replays proved to be offside.

Pique simply wrote “…” in a tweet which was shared over 100,000 times, but Ramos hit back and told his international team-mate to re-watch some of Barcelona’s recent European displays.

“He should rewind and look back to the PSG game and see if he thinks the same about the referees,” Ramos said, according to Marca.

“Let's wait and see what happens with Juventus in the second leg.”