Cristiano Ronaldo video: Real Madrid superstar dresses as a beggar to surprise child

World's best player revealed himself after donning fat suit and a fake beard

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It's not often that Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s best footballer, can stand in the middle of a busy street in Madrid and go unnoticed by dozens of people as he does kick-ups and tricks.

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But the Real Madrid superstar managed just that last week, with the aid of a fat suit, some sunglasses and a dodgy fake beard.

The Ballon d’Or winner, 29, did a few tricks in the busy Plaza de Callao in central Madrid to minimal attention, despite the presence of a cute west highland terrier. One boy then began to play with the ‘beggar’, before Ronaldo revealed himself, to the absolute delight of the boy. Ronaldo, who was sent off in the win against Cordoba on Saturday, then signed an autograph and cuddled the youngster.

  After revealing himself the public quickly cottoned on and swarmed the superstar, looking for photos and autographs, which he duly gave before making an exit.