Cristiano Ronaldo slams 'unintelligent' journalist in fiery exchange after Real Madrid lost 4-0 to Atletico Madrid

The world's best player did not want to talk about a previous red card

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Cristiano Ronaldo had a fierce confrontation with a Spanish journalist on Saturday night after Real Madrid were thrashed 4-0 at Atletico Madrid in the derby.

The shock defeat was in the 30-year-old's first game back following his two-match suspension for kicking an opponent against Cordoba, after which he pointed to his Club World Cup badge before walking off.

The heated exchange with the journalist has been translated to this:

Journalist: What did you mean to say when you brushed off the badge against Cordoba?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Do you want to talk about today or about Cordoba, that was three months ago now.


Journalist: But I want to know what you wanted to say…

Cristiano Ronaldo: What do you want me to say? If you were an intelligent journalist you’d asked me questions about today’s game.

Cristiano Ronaldo: You’re not intelligent. No. Sorry.

The game was actually on 24 January, not three months ago like Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo didn't stay angry for long though, he went off to his 30th birthday party later that evening, and even sang a bit of Karaoke - watch the video here.